Together we achieve ambitions.
Building together, Stronger together.

Together we make your dreams come true

NA-Invest is an independent investment fund, created using private capital obtained from the food sector, that invests in companies of the future. NA-Invest offers high-quality services to help innovative small, mid-sized and large enterprises to realize their growth ambitions in the short and long term.

Using their financial means, knowledge of the sector and large network of industry partners, NA-Invest gives companies the opportunity to grow faster in terms of operational processes, human resources and through tax opportunities. NA-Invest acts as a strategic shareholder and pays a key role in guiding, stimulating and actively supporting management. Building together, stronger together.

“For us, the most important elements in achieving growth
are personal commitment and a common goal.”

We invest primarily in the following branches, in which we are also active:

NA-Invest realizes growth ambitions through a high level of involvement, thinking along with management about the organizational structure, improving operational processes, making strategic changes and through lucrative takeovers.


Food and Agriculture


Real Estate / Property assets


Wealth Management / Private Equity funds


Cosmetics / Beauty





NA-Invest is comprised of experienced owners and promises:

✓ We invest using private capital
✓ We are transparent, open and honest
✓ We are committed, ambitious and work as an extension of the company
✓ For us, setting concrete goals, realizing growth and achieving returns on investments are key

CSR entrepreneurship

We see responsible entrepreneurship as an essential pillar to create value in the long term; this is why we stimulate our participants to make innovative and sustainable choices when laying out their strategy, costs and investments.

Investing in people is one of NA-Invest’s top priorities. By instilling more confidence, stimulating creativity and offering the right coaching, training and assessments, goals can be achieved more quickly. We do this together. We listen, learn and form a concrete plan.

Our participation

Food & Agri

Schoonderwoerd Vlees has been around since 1945, making it a company with knowledge and experience. From its inception, the company started producing meat products after which, at a later stage, they also started importing frozen lamb, mutton, beef and venison from New Zealand, Australia and Canada. In 2023, Schoonderwoerd is a major player supplying the European market with high-quality meat products.

Real estate

Our property portfolio consists of commercial properties in, among others, the Netherlands, part of Europe and abroad. We invest in logistics real estate and commercial leased properties spread across the world.

Wealth management / Private Equity

We invest in various Private Equity funds spread across Europe and America through direct deposits, as well as appropriate direct feeder funds.
We also invest spread across the world in equity and bond markets, arbitrage and hedge fund investments.

Investment criteria:

We support investments that meet the following criteria, which are not bound to a single sector:

✓ Entrepreneurial directorial or management teams
✓ Positive impact on society
✓ A strong business model in a niche market
✓ Growth potential (through geographic location and scalable model through buy & build);
✓ Based and located in the Netherlands.

Racing stands for;

All these keywords are in our DNA and reflect what we stand for. With NA-Invest, we are therefore actively sponsoring young talent, following success-filled individual races in 2022 in the Ferrari Challenge cup Europe with multiple podiums. We are supporting in 2023 the Lamborghini Trofeo Europe under the guidance of the official Lamborghini factory team led by Iron Lynx which will again be driven at European level and again with multiple podiums. This series is for young talent, as a stepping stone to the high-level Endurance series such as the ELMS and WEC series.

Actively stimulating entrepreneurship:

We stimulate and support managerial entrepreneurship. We do this through, among other things:

✓ Strategy, Human Resources, Digitalization and Financial support
✓ Putting the right management in place
✓ Strategic partnerships
✓ Cooperation built on trust and transparency
✓ Limited debt financing, to ensure that the focus is on the company and its business

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